Creator, Educator, Mover, Writer, Activist

 Courtney Colón



[ i am a long, dark road ]

I am an artist-activist who generates disruptions within my work by referencing contemporary issues. I enjoy creating works where others can find their own meaning and narratives.  I prioritize a connection to my internal and external environment, to others, and to the broader human experience.  We are all connected to a larger global community. I wish to make connections between the global dance community and the wider sociological, educational, and political communities spanning the globe stronger and more relevant.




Founded in 2010 under the direction of artistic director Courtney Colón, pillar is a collective with an ever-evolving roster of dancers dedicated to discovery and exploration through movement


Since 2006, Courtney has created works on undergraduate students in Universities and Colleges across the United States

Independent Projects

Works that are not presented under the umbrella of pillar dance, either solo, or in collaboration with other artists



I shape my students into well-rounded, intellectual artists who can view their art-making through a social justice lens. I stress a historical and cultural understanding of the art form, encouraging my students to be cognizant of what is happening in the world, and how this relates to dance. 

My students gain an understanding of different facets of dance, including an understanding of the fundamentals of technique, basic anatomy of the body and self-care, and how to craft a deep connection with an audience during performances. I work to foster a greater sense of both internal and external awareness and heightened sensory perception within my students. I introduce movement that utilizes all five senses in order to foster a deeper sense of embodiment within their movement.  This allows my students to discover a greater sense of freedom and expansiveness.  I provide a secure and nurturing environment while celebrating individuality and building a strong sense of community.  My students are confident in their abilities and empowered to find their own creative voice.


Recent Projects


Everything Must Go/Corduroy

January 2019

An improvisational performance with improvised movement, lighting, and music



Leah Stein's Groundworks: A Sensory Experience

The Dance Journal, September 2018

"I've seen famous experimental dance troupes that aren't any better than this"

Janet Anderson, CityPaper,

on pillar dance company



Courtney is always on the lookout for new projects, collaborations, and pedagogical opportunities. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.